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Resources about UK addressing, PAF, Ideal Postcodes APIs and more

End User: Understand How It Is Classified

Updated 23 Mar 2020

Identifying the final user of Royal Mail's dataset


Updated 20 May 2020

ShopWired integration for UK address search and validation

Formidable - Add Address Validation to your Forms

Updated 22 May 2020

Integrate address validation to your WordPress Formidable forms

Multiple Residence

Updated 23 Mar 2020

What is a Multiple Residence dataset and how is it used? Illustrations and examples of MR data

What is a Lookup?

Updated 5 Mar 2020

How lookups are counted across Ideal Postcodes address search and validation APIs


Updated 19 May 2020

BigCommerce integration for UK address search and validation

UK Address Guidelines

Updated 23 Mar 2020

Ensure your mail is correctly addressed with our UK clear addressing guidelines


Updated 22 May 2020

A glossary of address terms

Supported Territories

Updated 16 Apr 2020

UK territories covered by Royal Mail's Postcode Address File (PAF) and the Ideal Postcodes APIs

Organisation Information on PAF

Updated 19 May 2020

Listed in PAF are names of companies, organisations and departments. This organisation information can be useful and appropriate for specific use cases

UDPRN: Unique Delivery Point Reference Number

Updated 23 Mar 2020

Understanding the unique ID number assigned to every premise in the UK

Magento Extension

Updated 19 May 2020

Magento extension for UK address search and validation

What Is the Postcode Address File (PAF®)?

Updated 23 Mar 2020

The most accurate and reliable address dataset for the UK, provided by Royal Mail

UPRN: Unique Property Reference Number

Updated 23 Mar 2020

What is a UPRN, its uses and how it compares to the Postcode Address File

Run Database Locally

Updated 26 Apr 2020

Run a local instance of the latest database and start dispatching SQL queries in minutes

Postcode Validation

Updated 20 Mar 2020

How to validate a UK postcode. Evaluating the trade-offs for various solutions including postcode lookup services, proprietary postcode datasets, free datasets and regular expressions (regex)

Not Yet Built Dataset

Updated 23 Mar 2020

The Not Yet Built dataset is an additional database from Royal Mail that lists properties currently in planning or under construction

The UK Postcode Format

Updated 7 Mar 2020

A comprehensive outline of UK postcode patterns, its constituent components and how they can be utilised. Split a postcode into outward code, inward code, postcode area, district code, sub-district code, postcode sector and postcode unit.

Securing Your API Key

Updated 19 May 2020

Best practices to mitigate the risk of misuse on your API key for frontend and backend integrations

Ideal Postcodes and SubscriberCRM

Updated 23 Mar 2020

Integrate postcode lookup into your CRM app in a few simple steps

Internal User Licensing

Updated 23 Mar 2020

What is an Internal User? When is it right to license this way?

Address Autocomplete

Updated 1 May 2020

What is Address Autocomplete and how is it useful?

Quick Account Setup on Ideal Postcodes

Updated 7 Apr 2020

Step by step guide on creating an Ideal Postcodes account, creating a key and enabling automated top-ups