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UPRN - Unique Identifier for Every Addressable Location in Great Britain

Extract unique identifiers for GB premises at no extra cost

Access UPRN data in moments, with our simple data APIs

Connect your UK addressing datasets with external databases using the UPRN identifier

Improve Efficiency by Using the Consistent
Identifier in a Property's Life Cycle

Connect data sources across departments

Integrate Data Across Departments and Great Britain

UPRN identifiers are the glue that connect geospatical and addressing data across Great Britain and within organisations. Easily connect data sources and avoid duplication using a single nationally recognised and used identifier

Operational processes

Multiply the Value of your Datasets with Minimal Effort

Futureproof your internal address datasets by extracting UPRN alongside your addressing data at no additional cost. UPRN can be used to connect data in your CRM, SaaS or project management software to valuable third party datasets now or in the future

Data analysis

Garner Relevant Data to Improve Data Analysis

Local councils, utilities and and the real estate sector all use UPRN to uniquely identify, track and process premises in the UK. By linking UPRNs with third party datasets, they are able pool information for better analytics relevant to their industry

Search by UPRN with our API

Retrieve addresses at a UPRN within Great Britain in moments

const { Client } = require("@ideal-postcodes/core-node");

const client = new Client({ api_key: "iddqd" });

const response = await client.addresses.list({
    query: {
        uprn: "100023336956",
        api_key: "iddqd"


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