The Power of UPRN

What is a UPRN?

Unique Property Reference Number is an individual numeric value for every location in Great Britain

Including UPRN makes it easier to understand, manage and maintain your address database

Ideal Postcodes can both append and search UPRN using our award winning solutions

Find your UPRN

Use our market leading UPRN search tools to identify the national ID of an address

Access Unique Property Identifiers from OS AddressBase

  • Append UPRN Numbers to your Dataset

    Allow us to append UPRN numbers to your existing PAF or customer database, matching on either complete or partial address information, including UDPRN numbers
  • Retrieve UPRNs with Address Validation

    Ideal Postcodes can effortlessly provide address validation linked with UPRN to your current database. Our API are quick and easy to use
  • Search by UPRN

    Retrieve Postcode Address File (PAF) properties by UPRN simply and intuitively using our Address Validation APIs
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